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In Gold we Trust 2016 (Stoeferle / Valek)


  • Gold is back, a new bull market is emerging
  • Increasing uncertainty about economic and political developments boosts the gold price
  • Monetary stimulus ongoing: the BoJ and the ECB are creating the equivalent amount of the world's entire annual gold production via their QE programs each month
  • BREXIT: Uncertainty will negatively affect growth. Further monetary and fiscal stimulus to be expected to counter further disintegration of the Union
  • The narrative of economic recovery is crumbling; US recession cannot be ruled out; faith in monetary policy measures declines
  • Continued depreciation of the US dollar and strength in commodities may lead to higher inflation, or maybe stagflation
  • The persisting low interest rate environment is leading to a revival in interest in gold investments on the part of institutional investors. In addition to gold, this generally means a positive environment for inflation-sensitive assets like silver and mining stocks
  • Incrementum confirms its long-term price target of USD 2,300 for June 2018

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