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FYEO Launches Publicly, Acquires Threat Intelligence Firm Intelliagg, Forms Advisory Board

NEW YORK (ots) - --News Direct--
FYEO Inc., a threat monitoring and identity access management platform, today announced its exit from stealth mode with its first B2B product offering, FYEO Domain Intelligence (“FYEO DI”), and the acquisition of threat intelligence firm Intelliagg.
Incubated by enterprise technology and cybersecurity consultancy BTblock, FYEO has been in stealth developing its platform to serve both the B2B and the B2C markets. As its primary B2B offering, FYEO DI will provide domain, credential and threat monitoring services to the enterprise and SMB market. The second offering, FYEO Identity, will provide password management and identity intelligence capabilities to both the enterprise and consumer markets and is set for release in H2 2021.
As a leading threat intelligence company working with global enterprise clients to control or evade data loss, reputational damage and targeted cybercrime through the provision of machine learning-based intelligent threat detection, the Intelliagg acquisition marks a significant advance for FYEO. In addition, Intelliagg delivers a suite of professional and managed services dealing with cyber threat intelligence and incident response management.
“The close fit between the offerings of FYEO and Intelliagg substantially enhance our capabilities for current clients and is expected to drive greater enterprise adoption,” said Brian Gale, FYEO CEO and BTblock co-founder. “Looking to the future, FYEO’s active database of over 20 billion leaked credentials and cracked passwords will provide immediate insight to businesses and complement our expanded threat monitoring services.”
Intelliagg’s IP and code base have been integrated into FYEO DI with the goal of elevating its automation capabilities for reporting and alerting FYEO DI clients when threats might occur. FYEO DI clients are being supported by the BTblock cybersecurity solutions and research practice as a managed services offering, with Managing Director Mikael Björn directing enterprise client engagement.
“Through the Intelliagg acquisition, we both supplement the FYEO DI technology stack and gain access to their expertise, industry knowledge and client base,” said Thomas Olofsson, FYEO CTO and BTblock co-founder. “By leveraging BTblock consulting relationships, we can quickly assess the needs firms have for both FYEO DI and FYEO Identity and deliver immediate insight, preventative cyber threat intelligence and necessary remediation action plans.
FYEO is also announcing the formation of an advisory board, with initial members Scott J. Carlson, Kudelski Group Director of Global Architecture & Strategy, Head of Digital Asset Security; and Ace St Germain, Chief Product Officer at GLHF.gg and former Head of Content Programming at Twitch, an Amazon owned company.
To learn more about FYEO, visit www.gofyeo.com.
About FYEO:
FYEO is a threat monitoring and identity access management platform for consumers, enterprises and SMBs. At FYEO, our core principle is that identity protection through effective cybersecurity is a right. Our vision is to remove the burdens of digital identity management and become the leading provider of next generation credential management solutions for consumers and enterprises. FYEO Domain Intelligence (“FYEO DI”) provides domain, credential and threat monitoring services, and FYEO Identity will provide password and identity management services beginning in Q4 2021. For more information, visit www.gofyeo.com.
About BTblock
BTblock, LLC is a technology and cybersecurity consultancy specialized in providing end-to-end security and auditing solutions, with a focus on servicing clients in the blockchain & cryptocurrency, financial and IoT sectors. BTblock has performed end-to-end security reviews for several of the largest global blockchain players as well as one of the world's largest manufacturers of peripherals and software. BTblock enables ideation, validation, and implementation in bringing innovations to market. For more information, please visit www.btblock.io.
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