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"Thinking AUT loud – the Sound of Finance" - a Youtube Video made for the New York Roadshow. Never heard such powerful statements from Löger, Kopf and Schramböck in our own country ...

Hartwig Lo?ger (Finance Minister Austria): "To invest in Austria means that you have the chance to be part of this orchestra of important and successful companies already working on the hub of austria on the global basis and beside this the government decided already to set measures. One of the main factors is also the tax reduction in the next years, step by step and will bring down also the tax burden."

Karlheinz Kopf (Secretary General, Austrian Federal Economic Chamber): "The austrian economy is highly diversified, we have a lot of companies working in traditional industries as well as a lot of companies working in future industries and the main thing, the special thing is that they are very well connected to each other and working together and pushing each other to success. Austria is the best place to live, to work and to invest."

Margarete Schrambo?ck (Federal Minister for Digital and Economic Affairs): "Austria is actually the place to be. We are among top performers in R&D in Europe, we are number two and we have something unique: A 14 per cent flat tax refund for each R&D euro spent. We also invest a lot in skilled work force, IT skills are very important for us, so we have coders, we have innovative people and we have a lot of young talent. We put the focus as government on future industries, we support the industries and the companies which are coming to Austria. These companies are often based on digitalisation and artificial intelligence."

Hartwig Lo?ger (Finance Minister Austria): "The vienna stock exchange is the heart and the core of the development over the next decades because the current companies they need also for the expansion and using their chances for the future a very strong stock exchange which vienna already has."

Christoph Boschan (CEO Vienna Stock Exchange): "Austria is a very stable, successful and globalised economy. With its excellent infrastructure, its political stability, its social security it is one of the most livable and wealthy countries in the world and the numbers clearly reflect this. While the average growth in the euro zone 2018 has been 1.9 per cent it has been 2.7 per cent in Austria and the average dividend yield in the ATX shares, ATX is our main national index, is round 3 to 4 per cent and the average annual performance in the ATX share prices is about 7 per cent. So, my message to you is very clear: Austrian shares should be an integrate part of every and any well diversified portfolio that targets europe."

BSNgine weekly Spitout: The ATX up 4,1% to 3.301,38 points this week. Year-to-date the ATX is now at 20,23%. Up to now there were 49 days with a positive and 28 with a negative gain. From the year-high we are 0% away, from the low 20,23%. Statistically the best weekday so far 2019 is Friday with 0,6%, the weakest is Thursday with -0,18%.

These are the best-performers this week: Polytec 11,45% in front of RBI 8,94% and Bawag 8,16%. And the following stocks performed worst: Verbund -2,74% in front of Amag -1,54% and CA Immo -1,26%.

Further highlights this week: Uniqa for 8 days in a row up (4,11% gain from 9,13 to 9,51), also UBM 7 days up (7,47% gain from 37,5 to 40,3), RBI 6 days up (10,54% gain from 21,72 to 24,01), OMV 5 days up (3,3% gain from 47,89 to 49,47), Polytec 5 days up (11,45% gain from 9,26 to 10,32), Wienerberger 4 days up (4,69% gain from 19,81 to 20,74).

Best-performers year-to-date as of now: SBO 48,39% (last year: -32,53 percent) followed by Semperit 38,96% (last year: -54,93 percent) and S Immo 33,43% (last year: -9,97 percent). And the worst-performing stocks year-to-date: Zumtobel -8,02% (Vorjahr: -29,04 percent), followed by DO&CO -5,32% (Vorjahr: 71,11 percent) and Kapsch TrafficCom -3,76% (Vorjahr: -33,43 percent).

High above the MA200: Bawag 14,86%, S Immo 14,77% and Lenzing 13,55%.
Down under the MA200: Amag -18,95%, EVN -10,71% and Zumtobel -10,64%.

(From the 21st Austria weekly https://www.boerse-social.com/21staustria (20/04/2019)

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1. 21st Austria Weekly

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