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Andritz: Due to the global COVID-19 crisis, international technology group Andritz expects a negative impact on the development of its sales and earnings in the 2020 business year. The extent depends on the duration of the crisis and its future impact on the global economy and on the markets served by Andritz. As a result, the company has suspended it sales and earnings forecast for 2020 as disclosed at the presentation of the results for 2019. At the moment, it is impossible to estimate the effects on sales and earnings in 2020, the company stated. In order to counteract a possible drop in sales as best as possible, Andritz has already initiated temporary cost-saving measures in many countries where the Group is active. Furhter, the company informed, that it has recently started up the world’s first biomethanol plant using Andritz’s self-developed A-Recovery+ concept at the Södra Cell Mönsterås pulp mill in southeastern Sweden. The fossil-free biomethanol can be used for applications in the pulp mill itself, or as a substitute for fossil-based methanol in the transport sector (biodiesel) and as a chemical base substance.
Andritz: weekly performance: 4.34%

voestalpine: The coronavirus pandemic and its consequences are facing voestalpine with major economic challenges. As a result of massive reductions in capacity and current production shutdowns in the automotive, aerospace, mechanical engineering, and oil & natural gas industries, in just a few days demand in the key voestalpine customer segments has collapsed. In order meet the required level of flexibility over the next weeks and to secure jobs at the Group as far as possible during this difficult situation, currently short-time work is being registered in around 50 European Group companies (in Austria as well as in Germany, Belgium, and France). The abrupt slump in customer demand is forcing the company to reduce production in specific areas. This includes reducing pig iron capacity at the site in Linz by around 20%, by temporarily shutting down a small blast furnace. “The coronavirus pandemic is facing voestalpine with its greatest economic challenge of the past decade. Registering for short-time work on a large scale across Europe is designed to achieve the clear objective of retaining our highly qualified employees within the Group. The Austrian Government’s new short-time work model is a positive and sensible measure in this respect. As an enterprise, it allows us to respond quickly and in a flexible manner to this unparalleled crisis,” says Eibensteiner. Short-time work has also been registered in Germany, Belgium, and France. Currently, no compulsory redundancies are planned in Austria. The numbers of leasing employees will continue to be reduced, and accumulated overtime and holidays cut back further.
voestalpine: weekly performance: 7.13%

Austrian Post: Austrian Post due to the corona crisis expects a decline in letter mail and particularly in direct mail volumes with respect to its revenue development over the coming months, and thus, for the entire year 2020. With the exception of the retail food sector, advertising mail is strongly affected, the extent of which will depend on the duration of store closures. The limited international movement of goods can also have a negative impact. The crisis has sparked an increased demand in the private customer parcel (B2C) segment in Austria but has also had a negative impact due to the insufficient availability of products. In contrast, a negative volume development is expected at present in the business parcel(B2B) business. Stringent cost savings measures have been initiated to counteract the negative revenue effects. These measures relate to staff costs, including partial short-time work and the reduction of unused vacation time, as well as material costs.
Österreichische Post: weekly performance: 0.48%

Zumtobel: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Executive Board of lightning company Zumtobel is expecting a negative impact on the revenue and earnings development. Based on the global spread of the Coronavirus, extensive state measures are currently being implemented. These measures include temporary adjustments of capacities as well as the planned transition to short-term work at several locations. Depending on the situation it is also possible that there will be the necessity to temporarily close production sites. Based on the predictable negative developments during the months of March and April, the Zumtobel Group AG is expecting a decline in revenues for the on-going 2019/20 financial year (1 May 2019 until 30 April 2020) compared to the previous year. The goal of an improvement of the adjusted EBIT margin to 3% to 5% remains intact. However, the previously communicated goal of an EBIT margin of roughly 6% for the 2020/21 financial year can presumably not be achieved from today's perspective.
Zumtobel: weekly performance: 11.07%

(From the 21st Austria weekly https://www.boerse-social.com/21staustria (23/03/2020)



1. Andritz, Tunnelofen; Credit: Andritz

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